University of Amsterdam: Teaching Multimedia Design


Luke Veerman is not only our Interaction Designer on client projects and a workshop host for business leaders (like most of us). From now on, he’s also a teacher at the University of Amsterdam.

As part of the Bachelor Information Science, Luke is one of the teachers and coaches for an 8 week course in multimedia design. The course combines interaction design and multimedia design. The students will learn all the basic principles of a design process and the techniques to keep in mind before building a digital product.

Who are your users and what do they want to achieve? How do you get your user involved in the design process and put yourself in their position? These are questions you have to start with if you want to learn more about user-centricity. It’s also crucial to test whether the assumptions you’ve made about your users and product are valid. Through this process the students will learn how to make an interface that’s easy to learn, efficient, and memorable.

Luke says, “For me, design is about problem solving. It’s about how to come up with creative solutions that people care about. It always starts with the user and asking the right questions, like how do you make something people really want? The topics we’ll cover include customer journey mapping, wireframing, user testing, creating personas, prototyping and many more.”

Does your team needs a kickstart on the design process?

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