We turn up the volume on Red Bull Music Academy

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BAhbB1sHOgZmSSIwMjAxMS8xMC8yMC8xNC81MC8xMi84OTAvbG9uZG9uXzEwXzIwXzFfLmpwZwY6BkVUWwg6BnA6CnRodW1iSSIJNjk2eAY7BkYOver the last couple of months we’ve been working on a number of incredibly exciting projects with the Red Bull Music Academy. The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-traveling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who shape our musical future.

Today, we’re extremely proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website for Red Bull Music Academy. We think we have created an amazing place for listening, learning and inspiring. The site’s character is now louder and bolder, richer and more visual – reflecting the actual experience of the Academy. The new site adapts for all sorts of screen sizes and is chock-full of web fonts!

BAhbB1sHOgZmSSInMjAxMS8xMC8yMC8xNC81MC81NC85NTQvcmJtYV8xLmpwZwY6BkVUWwg6BnA6CnRodW1iSSIJNjk2eAY7BkYPrior to this year’s academy edition in Madrid, we developed a campaign for the World Tour which stopped in Capetown, Berlin, Paris, Detroit, Melbourne, New York, Rome, Sao Paulo and London. For each event, we established a unique identity, playing on the event’s theme and location. We produced posters, the website and a banner campaign. A series of stunning animations accompanied the events. Each animation was created with different techniques and creative teams, put together in a heroic effort by Mother and Passion Pictures in New York.

It has been a pleasure working with everyone at Red Bull Music Academy, the Red Bull Media House and Netconomy.

Special thanks to our team — a few Vodka Red Bulls now well deserved:
Sarah Lincoln, Moritz Guth, Eike Send, Dirk Schmid, Oliver Zeyen, Harry Keller, René Zschoch, Marlene Schufferth, Michael Börner, Robert Stulle, Steven Cook, Paul Woods (extra shout!), Thorsten Kozik, Alvaro Laura, Robert Grund and Kristina Nickel.