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Edenspiekermann Wins Double Funding From Google DNI

Edenspiekermann Wins Double Funding From Google DNI

We’re proud (and just a little bit excited) to announce that we’ve won funding for not just one but two projects from Google’s DNI Fund.

First up is our pet project POST, a tool designed to make life easier for journalists—and an idea rooted in our close collaboration with newsrooms. Last year our original idea won support from Google, allowing us to get it through the prototyping stage (and you can read about that here). Now, with a second, even bigger round of funding, we’ll bring POST to life, developing the product and bringing it to the market in cooperation with 10 media houses in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

“At Edenspiekermann we develop helpful tools for journalists to bring their stories to life in front of their audiences. The Digital News Initiative gives us the opportunity to research and prototype new tools, bringing journalism forward in times where we need it most,” says Christian Hanke.

And that’s just half of the good news. Our second funded project is a collaboration with Swiss media house AZ Medien which will revolutionize local community communication within Switzerland—digitally, securely, and intuitively. By taking the traditional “Anzeiger” publications online, we’ll make their information more accessible to both local citizens and also to those who rely on the information for journalistic content.

There’ll be plenty more updates on our DNI projects over the coming months, so stay tuned.