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The Lancet

Changing the role of scientific publishing to improve lives

The Lancet

The Lancet

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Even an organization with a rock solid reputation needs to adapt to a changing world. Having evolved over the past two centuries from the most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet is now looking beyond publishing to remain relevant and secure future business. After an international selection process, The Lancet chose our team to help make this ambition a reality.

Their positioning, ‘The best science for better lives’, explicitly states the raison d'être for their 14 journals. More importantly, it provides focus for future activities of The Lancet as both a brand and platform.

This means finding new ways to boost the impact of medical science: forming networks, setting agendas, changing conversations, and delivering messages from the scientific community to the global arena.

We are really enthusiastic by the truly outspoken and integrated idea of bringing our new promise to market.

Jocelyn Quigley, Director of Marketing, The Lancet

To execute this ambitious goal, we had to rethink the complete brand concept. The idea of publishing and the brand’s role were redesigned, positioning The Lancet to develop productive interactions between science and 3rd parties.

To address these topics, the brand campaign states clear opinions that create broad awareness, activate people across different communities, and drive debate and cross-disciplinary interactions to solve global health issues.

Because: if brand leaders are persistent, consistent and coherent in their opinion, it’s good for business, and it will grow unprecedented kinds of preference and loyalty: people will care about and buy into your brand even more once you show them the way.

We’re reinventing the message of Thomas Wakley, The Lancet’s founder, for a new generation: that medicine serves society and knowledge transforms society.

Richard Horton, Editor in Chief, The Lancet

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As the measurable social impact of science is becoming the most important driver for research funding, these interactions will directly benefit scientists—providing a stage, and the possibility to make the right impact with their research.

Then, now, and in the future, The Lancet will address urgent topics, initiate debate, put science into context, and influence decision makers worldwide, empowering the work of researchers and amplifying the social impact of science.

Image Credit: Robin de Puy