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To grasp the essence of what makes a service both flexible and user-friendly, we conducted thorough on-site evaluations of the allride service. This hands-on research shaped our user-centered design strategy. Additionally, we performed an audit of the previous app and conducted a comprehensive benchmark analysis of the Swiss mobility market and its key players. This groundwork laid a solid foundation for our strategic and design phases.

UX Audit & Field Research


Experts Together

Working side-by-side with the allride product team on-site, we closely aligned their future aspirations with the present challenges facing users, clients, and competitors. We swiftly developed the initial strategic directions for the rebranding, which helped to clarify the desired positioning and translate it into a fresh brand identity.

The collaboration with Edenspiekermann was a key success factor for us, as it combines in-depth experience with mobility solutions with digital product design and branding expertise Arjan Vlaskamp
UX Flows


Functional and Expressive

allride embraces a future-focused, people-first philosophy. To embody this, we crafted a brand that balances functional and expressive visual elements. The custom logotype was a collaborative creation by our founder Erik Spiekermann with the Berlin team. Additionally, our Los Angeles team meticulously designed custom icons to complement the branding.

Flexible, convenient and keyless

To ensure clarity and consistency across digital touchpoints, we developed a scalable design system for allride that can evolve alongside the brand. Leveraging our experience from previous mobility projects, we applied this new brand and design system to prototype crucial aspects of the user journey. We designed key components, interactions, and modules for onboarding, booking, and payment processes within the app, all aimed at creating a seamless user experience.

What has our collaboration with allride’s Zürich product team and our teams in Berlin and Los Angeles achieved? It’s made accessing shared, sustainable mobility through allride easier than ever. Enjoy your ride with allride!

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