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Flawless User Experience for a New Neighborhood Carsharing Service

5 Months
4 people

In March 2018 Oply, a new car sharing service takes off in Germany with the goal to disrupt the market of intelligent urban car rental. Their Vision: Bridging the gap between spontaneously needing a car in the middle of a city, and needing a car for planned trip days, weeks or months in advance. Oply wanted to challenge the titans of the car-sharing world.

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When they came to us in 2017 the question was, how to align their product and service vision with their business goals. The answer is pretty clear by creating a premium service that is built upon trust. To do so, we supported the team with generating user insights and transferring them into a UX concept for their service.

We started with a two-day workshop and interviewed potential users, aligned their needs with Examotive’s business goals to develop a common understanding, find compromises and formulate user insights.

Building a seamless user experience for a mobility service.
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In the workshop, we mapped out the complete user experience from discovering the product to the end of a trip with the new car sharing service. Based on the results we developed the service storyboard.

Oply Framework

This was the basis for creating personalized and relevant customer experiences throughout the customer journey. The results of the workshop became the conceptual stage for the (lo-fi) prototype that we tested with potential users.

Oply User Experience Iterations

Based on our insights Oply now offers the service of booking a car in advance without having to deal with going to a rental service at the airport, train station or car-sharing parking lot.