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WirtschaftsWoche is one of Germany’s leading economic magazines focusing on delivering indepth reports and background stories.

When WirtschaftsWoche came to us, they wanted to create a new modern stage for economic journalism with a focus on deeper narratives. The challenge for us was to help WirtschaftsWoche transform and relaunch their online platform,, into a relevant news source that is also technically future-proof.

With our vast experience from projects in the editorial design field, such as the development of new visual language and design system for The Economist, as well as the relaunch for the NZZ, we know that reading routines are dynamic — they change with the ebb and flow of the day.

With the team and their publisher Miriam Meckel, we kicked off the project with an intense workshop

The project started with an intense workshops with the team of and Miriam Meckel, publisher of WirtschaftsWoche.
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During the first workshop we focused on how to create new narrative formats that applied to users’ daily reading routines.

Based on the requirements for new formats we built a flexible and sustainable set of design elements, which combine into the new design for WirtschaftsWoche online.


The new design was developed in close collaboration with their in-house team, who implemented and tested the new design.

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We want to consider and develop formatted themes and topics even more than before. More specifically, we want to offer different formats that offer varying perspectives on a single theme. For exactly this reason, we have large theme-stages and much more variable display options on our new homepage — thus making the site much more diversified. Because we took the chance to clean up our CMS, the new structure allows us to control the pages in everyday life far more easily.Lutz Knappmann, Editor in Chief WirtschaftsWoche online

WirtschaftsWoche is known for detailed background stories on complex topics and produces up to 20 long-read stories a week. A main challenge of the relaunch was therefore to make the most out of this content by providing a variety of entry points to topic pages and lead them to all relevant next reads. At the same time, it was also a challenge to enrich longreads with additional related information. By that we achieved to create a more narrative user experience.

WirtschaftsWoche stands for a unique amount of in depth reports and reader oriented journalism about the economy. The relaunch allows new-found quality to find its way into the digital world.Christian Hanke, Creative Director and Partner Edenspiekermann
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The research and conceptual work on the relaunch as well as the new design language will be applied to all future projects of WirtschaftsWoche.