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We started with the creation of a fresh design language including new typography, color scheme, iconography and image language, aiming to align the experience across all digital platforms (native ios and android apps and the responsive web site) to let objectivity and serious news shine with a modern style.

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In two four-day design sprints (read more) with editors, product team, and designers we developed a concept and prototypes for both website and app.

Discussing the first version of our prototype for the new app.
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Each sprint was followed by intensive user tests that informed our iterations and allowed the team to create the most relevant personalized experience for users.

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NZZ Protoyping
We chose Edenspiekermann because of their extensive experience in the development of digital media portals. Due to the timing as well as our qualitative goals, the project was only possible thanks to the use of modern methods such as design sprints and continuous user testing. These skills paired with extensive expertise in Design / UX and the deep industry knowledge is what makes us so convinced of Edenspiekermann.Rouven Leuener, Head of Digital Product

The result of our work comes to life in the new NZZ App. It combines the new design language, the new personalisation algorithm developed and the new app features developed by Edenspiekermann and NZZ. The new app provides everyone with their own smart, adaptive and context-aware news stream and more smart companion features: daily briefing, to keep readers informed throughout the day, individual reading lists, and bookmark functionality. With these features, the app becomes the news companion which guides the reader through their day and week.

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