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Introducing the Naked 3D body scanner

Acting like a futuristic mirror, the device—which includes a scale, a smart mirror and an app—captures a 3D model of your body. Users can visualize, compare and measure their results, bringing motivation to a whole new level, optimizing workouts and creating regular, consistent routines.

Creating a forward-looking brand strategy was key for a product with so much potential for broader societal impact.
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03 Visual Workshop@2x

Setting the strategic foundation based on the user

Our process started with a foundational understanding of the opportunities for the brand and product. Building upon months of beta testing with real users of the product, our team built a suite of archetypes. These archetypes acted as the basis for future design decisions.

One key aspect of our work was the need to think beyond the first use case of the product—personal fitness—of the product. The potential applications of Naked technology is poised to span including retail, automation, and medicine, bringing a whole new meaning to the concept of a custom fit. Through a series of workshops and close collaboration with the client we defined the overall brand strategy and product vision.

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The value proposition: Every body has a story

Your body is everything. Take care of it, and it gets you to the top of mountains, to 26-and-a-half miles, to the ripe old age of 100. It’s also yours, and yours alone. So don’t let some number or magazine or lifestyle guru tell you what your body’s supposed to look like. See for yourself instead. See every curve, every contour, backed by the metrics that matter. Relish every battle scar, every fantastic flaw, every opportunity to get healthier, stronger, sexier. Celebrate every bead of sweat, every wrinkle, every setback, every victory. Because every body has a story.

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