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Rethinking Public Authorities

Imagine you just moved to a new city and you need an interface to your city, but it’s neither digital nor an interface? Well, sometimes the things we take for granted become sources of worry.

We partner with some of the most respected public authorities like cities, governmental bodies, and public transport organizations to rethink their role, identity, products, and services they provide to the public.

Why? Because our cities and communities deserve to rise to their citizens’ expectations and needs and win the digital future.

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What drives change in public authorities?

  1. To stay a trusted authority your digital services have to be accessible and recognisable to all users and demographics.
  2. Expectations of citizens have risen to solve their needs and tasks as smooth as digital payment and music streaming services offer.
  3. Handling the growing demand, an increasing portion of public services have to become elegant self-serviced.

Selected Clients

Developing the brand for cities like Amsterdam, Parma, and Santa Monica to cooperations with governmental bodies and public transport organizations like Visit Berlin, The Green Party and Hamburger Hochbahn.

  • City of Santa Monica

    Making the city accessible for citizens, tourists and business alike.

  • City of Amsterdam

    Groundbreaking identity system that became a design icon.

  • City of Parma

    Translating one of Italy’s most Italian cities to the world.

  • Hamburger Hochbahn

    Prototyping the passenger experience of the subway of the future.

  • The Green Party

    Building a new platform for democratic political participation from scratch.

  • Dutch Tax Authority

    Rethinking interactions & services towards a user-centered tax declaration.

  • Visit Berlin

    Strategizing future scenarios meeting the paradigm shifts in tourism.

“We are very happy with the Amsterdam design system even after 10 years of use. The design system is flexible, communicates powerfully, and contributes to a recognizable and accessible government.”Egbert Wolf, Design manager City of Amsterdam
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City of Amsterdam

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